Am i considered disabled?

Definition of disability varies depending on an employer’s plan. Some disability care plans review you as disabled when unable to conduct job requirements. Other companies pay if unable to conduct any job position suitable for you based on company training, education as well as your experience. Other disability care plans demand you not to be gainfully employed while collecting disability benefits. Including that you are not able to obtain certain percentage of pre-disability care income due to injury or even sickness.

Some care plans will pay for your total disability benefits monthly, if losing part of your income due to a disability. Other care plans could include “rehabilitation provisioning” which requires you taking part in vocational rehabilitation programs. This is in order for you to continue receiving your disability benefits.

Keep in mind there are many care plans which have exclusions as well as possible limitations. Many of which may not fully cover assured disabilities or any “pre-existing” disability conditions. These benefits differ between companies. We recommend speaking with a disability care benefits administrator.