Disability Care Plans

Short Term Disability Plans

If you are not able to work due to illness or possible accident, short term disability care covers a portion of house income during the existing weeks of disability.
Weekly Payments
Having weekly payments, you will receive a portion from your previous salary between 3 months to as much as a year. These numbers and time of care plan depend on your selected policy.
Rehab Disability Care
Rehab disability can include the proper financial incentives designed for helping you with transitioning back to work.
Easy Claims
Filing as well as reporting your claims online or by phone, this is as easy as 1,2,3.
Low Rates
Short term disability group coverage is offered only through employers, who offer inside the company in which you presently worked for.

For questions or more information between long and short term care plan details, Visit this page for Disability Care Plan Information. Or feel free to see the following video below.

Long Term Disability Plans

Having Long term disability plans could provide a safe stream of monthly income, helping cover essential costs during the extended disability or disability involving an accident.
Covering essential living costs
Helping pay for your:
– Food
– Clothes
– Utilities
– Home Mortgage
– Car payments
as well as any other essential monthly expenses.
Direct Monthly Payments
You can receive a good portion of the monthly salary, which is paid directly each month. Only if you are unable to work.
Note: This is only after the initial waiting period.
Rehab Incentive
Long term disability care plans can include proper financial incentives. Designed to helping you get back to work.
Filing Claims Easy
You can report disability claims either online or over the phone.