Medicare Plans

Medicare Plans

Covering your hospital services, this includes “semi private” rooms, your meals, regular nurse services, as well as drugs for your medical treatments. This can also include other hospital services and medical supplies. Features included to the following plans for most facilities:
Acute Care
Critical Access
Rehabilitation Care
Long-term Care
These plans also includes inpatient care, part of qualifying “clinical research study” as well as “mental health care”.

Medicare Eligibility

Those with “Part A” Medicare are protected when all of the following is true:
– Doctor providing official order stating medicare client needs 2 or more days, which are medically imperative to treat any illness or injuries.
– Requiring type of care which can be given only inside the hospital.
– If a hospital accepts Medicare plans.
– “Utilization Review Committee” inside the hospital approving your stay, while in hospital.

Original Medicare Costs

– Deductibles over $1200 to each benefit period.
– $0 “Co-insurance” for each benefit period, usually Days are between 1 to 60.
– $329 “Co-insurance” per day, each benefit period Days usually between 61 to 90.
– $658 “Co-insurance” for each “lifetime reserve day” days 91 and over. After day 90, each benefit period “up to 60 days” over lifetime.
– If beyond lifetime reserve days – all costs.

For more information on what is not covered, visit the Non Covered Medicare Plans page.

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