Short Term Care Plans

Short Term Health Care

Cover all gaps with health care coverage
Short Term health care is a flexible coverage solution for when needing coverage for a small period of time in life.

Benefits of short term health care

This health care plan offers fast coverage with great flexibility. Especially when demanded for dynamic times of change in anyones life. Short term medical care allows you to:
– Get coverage fast, same day after application process.
– Choose deductible amount with many options.
– Coverage laps with no penalty, receive refund for unused premium. Only allowed if a more permanent health coverage option becomes available.
– Apply for a 2nd short term health care coverage when the first one finishes, if need to be or desired.
– Having large scale network of health care professionals, over 1 million physicians as well as other care professionals.
– Recieve lower premiums comparing to other care plans.

Short Term Insurance Care Reminders

Please keep note, you are not buying a regular health plan with short term health care. There are a few things need to keep in mind as planing for purchase:

– Regular health care plans are guaranteed issue. You will NOT be denied coverage comparing on preexisting health conditions.
– Short Term insurance care is NOT guaranteed issue. It will NOT cover any preexisting conditions, you are required to answer medical questions to apply.
– Regular health care is required to cover 10 essential health benefits.
– Short Term care plans have no coverage requirements, plans vary for what is covered.

Check plan details carefully
You could save money selecting Short Term health care. However, ensure what you are purchasing. Observe if it is a proper choice for you. Considering the proper situation, short term care plans will provide the following below:
– Fast
– Flexible
– Temporary Health Care
Coverage which may fit your needs.

Short term health care right for me?
Short term care can be best for you if the following below meets your needs:
– Unable to apply for the “Affordable Care Act”, missing Open Enrollment on health care, unable to qualify for Special Enrollment.
– Awating pending health care coverage to start
– Seeking coverage to bind with Medicare
– Becomming 26 years old, unable to qualify on parent’s health care plan.
– In between jobs or awaiting benefits to start at new employment.
– Healthy as well as under the age of 65

Short Term health care, may be the proper choice for you. These situations as well as many others, will fill the gap in health care until ability to select longer term care solutions.