What Medicare Does Not Cover

Whats Not Covered

Note: This is basic information on what Medicare does not cover
– Private nursing “on duty”
– Private room “unless it is medically required”
– Phone & TV in room. Note: Some hospitals consider both as separate charge.
– Personal care merchandise such as; saving razors, slippers, or socks.

Other Notes to Consider
You have to pay for “private on duty” nursing care, television, or a hospital phone in your room. You are required to pay for a private room unless medically required.

Co-payment for 1 outpatient hospital service, cannot be more than the care plans hospital deductible. Though your finalized “co-payment” to all outpatient services, could be more than the hospital deductible.

Doctors or any other health care providers, may recommend getting services over what Medicare covers. Meaning any recommend services that Medicare will not cover. If this situation does happen, it is possible to pay some or all of the medical costs. Ask questions which are important. This can give you better understanding why doctor is recommending certain care service, and whether or not the Medicare care plan will pay it.