Affordable Health Care Plans for Family's.

More than 100 thousand families have chosen Family for Health to finding affordable health care!

See any doctor you prefer

You can see any licensed health care provider you want. Say goodbye to restricted health networks!

Access transparent, fixed benefits

Look up exactly what your family care plan will pay towards your health services, so there are no surprise bills later.

Personalizing coverage options

Tailor and choose how much coverage you need for you and your family,  so you’re only paying for what you need.

Affordable Family Health Coverage

Providing savings with unlimited protection and possibilities for you and your loved ones.

When it comes to health insurance, one size doesn’t fit all. Family providers can create a plan tailored to their  needs and budget by choosing how much coverage they want.

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About Family for Health

Prior to founding Family for Health, our team connected more than 100 thousand families with a health insurance plan through a leading consumer destination site for health insurance.

We seen family providers who were unhappy with their plan options. Many of them experienced unexpected out-of-pocket costs, struggling to understand complex insurance terms of service around what their plans truly cover. Most importantly, many families we talked to felt their health care plans were unaffordable.

So we created Family for Health.


We have seen insurance can sometimes be not affordable, so Family for Health has created a means for doctors to get paid directly, which translates to lower costs.


Family for Health has seen a lack of transparency around costs, so we make it easy to see exactly what your plan will pay before you see an doctor.


Family for Health has seen many families frustrated when purchasing health care plans, which necessarily did not work for them. Family for Health has created personalized plans meeting every need and every budget.


Family for Health has seen families stuck going to certain doctors or faced paying out-of-network fees, so we provide plans to work with any doctor.

Pay Less For Coverage You Desire

Cutting out administrative costs between you and your family’s doctor passing those savings on to you,
saving you 40% or more!


For the invincible, only needing major illnesses and treatment covered.


For families who only want their daily needs and minor procedures covered.


Families wanting to cover daily needs, and in case of small to medium emergencies or procedures.


Families wanting to cover their daily needs and have expanded coverage in case of any emergency.


Families wanting to cover daily needs and have expanded coverage in case of any emergency with lower deductibles.


Families wanting to cover daily needs, having expanded coverage in case of any emergency with lower deductibles, with close to $0 out of pocket costs.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it! – here’s what these family providers say:

Have not had problems with any health coverage or claims. Very pleased. Coverage is solid, coverage is wide, premiums are within our budget parameters.

Anne Lees

You guys are blowing me away with the quality, commitment and passion of your services!

Brandon Kim

I am absolutely thrilled with how great my family’s health care plan turned out. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication – I just couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Miona Gordan

Ready for better Family Health Care Coverage?

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Connect with us for all of your concerns or needs, Family for Health is there to lend a hand in helping family providers choose the best and affordable health care for their needs.